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WPT working group meeting

164th CJK WPT Working Group Meeting (July 4-5 2018, Sapporo, Japan) hosted by ARIB
Information Document
1 ARIB Invitation Letter for the 16th CJK WPT Working Group Meeting (July 4-5 2018, Sapporo, Japan) hosted by ARIB
Meeting Document
1 CJK-WPT16-001 Chairman Draft Agenda
2 CJK-WPT16-002 Chairman Participants List
3 CJK-WPT16-003 Chairman Members List
4 CJK-WPT16-004 Chairman Documents List
5 CJK-WPT16-005 TTA The 15th CJK WPT WG Meeting Minutes (Guilin, China)
6 CJK-WPT16-006 TTA TTA WPT Standardization Activities
7 CJK-WPT16-007 TTA WPC Update
8 CJK-WPT16-008 TTA Wireless Power Transfer Energy Efficiency
9 CJK-WPT16-009 TTA New proposal of Technical Report of RF Beam WPT using ISM band frequency for mobile devices
10 CJK-WPT16-010 TTA Wireless Power Transfer infrastructure service protocols
11 CJK-WPT16-011 TTA Status of Rule Making in Korea
12 CJK-WPT16-012 TTA New trends of WPT technology Bidirectional Device_to_Device Charging using MST
13 CJK-WPT16-013 TTA Proposal for next CJK WPT-WG meeting
14 CJK-WPT16-014 ARIB WPT Standardization Status in Japan
15 CJK-WPT16-015 ARIB AWG-23 Report
16 CJK-WPT16-016 ARIB ITU-R SG1 WP 1A and 1B Meetings Summary(NON-BEAM WPT)
17 CJK-WPT16-017 ARIB Status of Rule Making for 79-90kHz-band WPT Systems Applied to Industrial Machinery and High Power EVs
18 CJK-WPT16-018 ARIB ITU-R SG1 WP 1A Meeting Summary(BEAM WPT) and Status of BEAM WPT Activity
19 CJK-WPT16-019 ARIB Status of Rule Making for LF Band Magnetic Coupling WPT
20 CJK-WPT16-020 ARIB Standardization states of WPT for EV in IEC/ISO
21 CJK-WPT16-021 CCSA China Regulatory and Standardization update