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Information Security working group meeting

The 12th CJK Information Security WG Meeting hosted by TTA, 17-18 January 2017, Busan in Korea
Information Document
1 TTA Invitation letter, general information, contribution template
2 Chairman Report of CJK IS WG (#11) in CJK 15 plenary meeting
3 TTA Participants list
4 TTA Photos
Meeting Document
1 Doc-01 TTC Incident object description exchange format, version 2
2 Doc-02 TTC Security Related Topics at WTSA-16
3 Doc-03 CCSA Cloud security standardization approach of telecom network and internet in China
4 Doc-04 TTA Security requirements for drone-based services
5 Doc-05 TTA Connected Car Strategy & Standardization Plan in ITU
6 Doc-06 TTA Proposal for a new Question on Security aspects for Intelligent Transport System
7 Doc-07 TTA Future directions on ITU-T SG17 standardization activity regarding security aspects of blockchain
8 Doc-08/R1 TTA Introduction to Information Security Evaluation and Trends
9 Doc-09 TTA Consideration of cooperation between ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27 and ITU-T SG 17 on Big data reference architecture part 4: Security and privacy fabric
10 Doc-10/R2 TTA Cyber Threat in South Korea
11 Doc-11 Chairman Report on 12th Information Security Working Group meeting (17-18 Januray 2017, Busan, Korea)
12 Doc-00 Chairman Draft agenda