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Information Security working group meeting

2nd CJK Security Working Group Meeting(15-16 January 2013, TTA, Korea) hosted by TTA
Information Document
1 TTA Collective letter to the 2nd CJK Security WG Meeting
2 TTA Contribution template
3 TTA Information guide for 2nd CJK Security WG Meeting
4 TTA List of participants(updated 17 January 2013)
Meeting Document
1 Doc-00/R2 Chairman/Vice-chairmen Draft Meeting Agenda
2 Doc-01 Chairman/Vice-chairmen Report on Security Working Groups meeting (August 6, 2012, Tokyo, Japan)
3 Doc-02 TTA Activities of the Korea Information Security Standardization Forum in 2012
4 Doc-03 TTA CJK future activities for emerging security issues in the ITU-T SG 17
5 Doc-04 TTA(by GISFI, India) Liaison statement on GISFI Indian network security related standardization activity
6 Doc-05 CCSA Network security standards architecture
7 Doc-06/R1 TTA Introduction of current progress on WP1/17, WP2/17, WP3/17 during the previous study period (2009-2012)
8 Doc-07 TTC On Cybersecurity Index
9 Doc-08 TTC On Description of Web-based Attacks
10 Doc-09/R1 TTA Collaborative researches for mobile biometrics
11 Doc-10 TTA Mobile identity and smart receipt introduction
12 Doc-11 TTA Discussion on the scope and contents of draft Recommendation ITU-T X.msec-8 : Secure application distribution framework for communication devices
13 Doc-12 TTA Proposal of revised text for Delegated non-repudiation architecture based on X.813
14 Doc-13 TTA Introduction: VoIP secure communication in Korea
15 Doc-14 TTA Status of oneM2M and issues on security
16 Doc-15/R1 TTA Contribution 2013 of Hacking and Security Technology Forum
17 Doc-16 TTA Enhanced authentication of user specific attribute
18 Doc-17 TTC Topics on Smartphone Security
19 Doc-18 TTC IPv6 Security Evaluations (Activity of IPv6 Technical Verification Consortium and Practical Experiments in Japan)
20 Doc-19 TTC Q3 interim meeting report (14th January, 2013 Seoul)
21 Doc-20 TTC(by Councellor/SG17) (draft) Highlights of WTSA-12 of significance to SG17
22 Doc-99 TTA Photos
23 Doc-21 TTC On-Going Standardization Activities on Cloud Security in ITU-T and ISO
24 Doc-22 Chairman/Vice-chairmen Report on Information Security Working Groups meeting (January 15-16 , 2013, TTA, Korea)