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Standard Number TTAK.OT-06.0060/R1
Title Emergency Data Exchange Language - Distribution Element(EDXL-DE)
Summary The Distribution Element (DE) joins the published EDXL suite of standards. DE describes a standard message distribution format for data sharing among emergency information system. DE serves two important purposes. 1) DE allows an organization to wrap separate but related pieces of emergency information, including any of the EDXL message types, into a single “package” for easier and more useful distribution. 2) DE allows an organization to “address” the package to organizations or individuals with specified roles, located in specified locations or those interested in specified keywords. DE comprises an element as described hereafter, optional elements describing geospatial or political target area for message delivery, and a set of elements each containing specific information regarding a particular item of content.
Issued date 2021-12-08
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